As a Doctor of Naturopathy, Dr. Rachitan likes to emphasize that both the athletes’ health restoration process and their performance enhancement is best accomplished through natural methods and if necessary, with natural supplements only.


As a health practitioner specialized in the body’s structure, I believe that an athlete must have proper nutrition, be positive, disciplined, and consistent. However, for an athlete’s body to reach maximum potential, having perfect or near perfect structure is imperative. If there are any structural abnormalities, they must be corrected before any high level training is performed. Otherwise, those structural abnormalities will be an obstacle which prevents the athlete’s body to perform at its maximum capacity.

Often I ask coaches of different sports activities: What is the factor that most influences the length of an athlete’s career during his/her peak? I always receive many and varied answers but never the correct one. I believe that the reason which almost invariably and drastically shortens an athlete’s high performance career is injuries. Why are they so devastating to an athlete’s career? The necessary treatments and the rehabilitation processes are very difficult. Very often injuries may leave behind large scars and post traumatic weaknesses which can cause re-occurrence. Consequently, the athlete’s physical performance can be drastically diminished and his/her sports career shortened.

When I start working with an athlete, I first thoroughly examine his/her structure to detect any abnormalities and if any are found, I correct them. I consider this a key step to opening a wider and smoother road for the athlete to reach the highest physical goals.

As I mentioned before, injuries represent one of the greatest enemies to an athlete’s career. They occur in one or more of the following situations: specific weakness or abnormality within the body’s structure, lack of flexibility, lack of basic or specific strength, improper short and long term training method or training strategy, etc. Taking this into account injuries can be prevented which is ideal.

The most frequent injuries, which appear during training or competing time, are muscular and tendons micro-tears. If improperly treated, they can cause additional damage and impair muscle function. Ligaments are very susceptible to injury as well, and they are types of tissues that cannot be easily restored. In either one of these cases, interrupting physical training is the most important part of the treatment. All micro tears should be properly treated to prevent large scar tissue or additions from forming. Also the rehabilitation process and strengthening of the injured segment should be well done this way re-injuries can be avoided. The post traumatic weakness should be taken into account at the first phase of physical training. After I correct the structural abnormalities and restore all the tears, I consider that the athlete’s body is healthy and well balanced to begin intensive athletic training. Based on the athlete’s physical and mental abilities I design the nutrition formula and the training strategy that can maximize both the rhythm and the quality of the body’s physical development.

While working with athletes, my best results have been to delay or eliminate the fatigue point. In other words, some of the athletes with whom I work with, can train 10-12 hours a day without reaching their physical limits. This unique achievement not only makes training easier but promotes a much faster development of the athlete’s body.

“I have been trying many things in my life. The best of all is sports and I’m so happy that I’m training, swimming & running competitively.”
“When sports is performed intensively and extensively, in the brain it increases the activity of endorphin in the brain, providing unconditional happiness.”

Cristian Rachitan, N.D.