“If your life’s goal is spiritual growth, be constantly in touch with it and use each obstacle as an opportunity to learn what you don’t know.”


“At the beginning of your life you program this stair climbing. This is your destiny. Respect it and love it!”

“I believe that many disappointments in our life and unhappiness are caused by not following are program that we designed at the beginning of our life. If you follow the program that you designed at the beginning of your existence, you’ll experience in your life a real fulfillment.

“The effect of any mistakes or wrong doing cannot be redeemed or compensated by any good doing. Each one has its own repercussion.”

“Any really good things that we do are rewarded with what we need when we need!”

“To grow spiritually living a material life implies a lot of obstacles. Be ready and don’t worry you’ll pass each one of them.”

” Life looks like a long stair with many steps, the last step is a beautiful platform where lies your goal.”

” If the main goal of your life is the spiritual evolution, this can be a great source of happiness.”

” The main reason to exist is to grow spiritually…”

“The quality of anything that someone wants to do is directly related to the quantity of knowledge and honesty.

“We cannot cheat and cannot lie Our supreme conscience. It watches and judges us in everything we do.”

“Real honesty can be the guarantee of an accomplishment.”

Cristian Rachitan, N.D.