Dr. Cristian Rachitan

Doctor of Naturopathy


Dr. Cristian Rachitan, N.D., has been involved in health care for more than 35 years. Before establishing his practice in New York, he spent extended periods of time in Asia (Tibet, India, Thailand, the Philippines etc.). Here, he conducted research for the purpose of learning and understanding various Eastern medical techniques, philosophies, religions and the native culture and rituals.

In his practice Dr. Rachitan provides a combination of various physical modalities, such as manual manipulations, stretching and strengthening exercises, along with herbal remedies, supplements, and lifestyle counseling.

“I become a partner to my patients in pursuit of their health and healing. I guide my patients towards optimal health by localizing and addressing the cause of the problem. In other words, after I learn of the patient’s illness and symptoms, I then search for, and establish its underlying cause. I believe that, other than viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections, most illnesses are caused by, or related to, disturbances in the body’s structure. Often, certain diseases appear as a result of the conflict between our material and spiritual existence.”